M & G Farm 

Micaela Formisano: Owner/Head Trainer
Micaela a life long equestrian has competed in horse shows from the time she was six years old. She has competed in the ponies, hunters, and the equitation as a junior. Her attention to detail helps riders develop strong horsemanship skills which are needed in order to be successful at local and national level horse shows. Micaela believes that the success of a rider and horse pair starts with the care of the horse. This is why she focuses on the best horse care possible. Her lively personality provides for a fun and realized atmosphere with a competitive edge. 
Gustavo Rivera: Barn Manager/ Operations Manager

All Gustavo the barn manager and operations manager has ten years experience dealing with horses in this field. He is dedicated to providing the finest care possible for every horse. His friendly and outgoing personality provides a welcoming atmosphere. Gustavo's vast knowledge makes him a necessity to the M and G farm team.

Meet our staff!

Joan Stolfi: Assistant Trainer

Joan has been teaching children and adults how to ride for over twenty five years. She has taught beginners all the way up to advanced riders. She has a true love for the equestrian sport and knows exactly how to help you move forward and reach your own personal goals in this sport. Joan knowledge makes her an asset to the M and G Farm team.